How it works


You place your order


We deliver fresh linen & make your bed


We take the dirty linen to be laundered


You enjoy hotel sheets at home


So how does this
thing work?

Every week or fortnight – your choice - we come to your place make the bed perfectly with crisp white hotel style Sheetly sheets and, if you’ve ordered them put some fluffy white towels in your bathroom. Next visit (same time same place), we’ll strip and remake the bed with fresh sheets and replace the towels.

Just imagine!  Never again having to wash (and trying to dry!) sheets or towels! Save on energy bills! No need to even own your own linen… we supply it all…freeing up cupboard space too.


We can come when you are home, or if we agree access, we can come when you are out.


Just tell us. We love making beds.

We understand that we all sleep differently. Perhaps you don't like a top sheet. Or we can use two sheets on each bed - so you can use you’re favourite doona cover, blankets or that lilac chenille bedspread you just can’t let go.

Our 2 sheet system means you hardly ever need to wash your doona cover

Or if you’d like one of our fabulous Sheetly doona covers, we can do that too. Just ask. We have it covered at Sheetly, literally!