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What happens the first time I use Sheetly service?

The first time you use Sheetly, we will strip the beds of your linen and leave them at your place …just think that will be your last load of sheets and towels to be washed. We then make your bed perfectly with Sheetly's sheets . And you can even have fluffy white towels in the bathroom. 

 We will come back weekly or fortnightly – you choose - we just keep coming back … no more washing sheets or towels!

Is there a real person at Sheetly I can talk to?

Yes, we love a chat give us a call 1300 654 533.

When do you come and change the linen and make the bed?

We schedule you in weekly or fortnightly depending on what frequency you would like, and give you some time and day options depending on when we are servicing your area. Or you can contact us if you need a different frequency.

Do you mind if my dog sleeps with me?

Not at all, we love Furbabies!

How long will the service take?

In most cases we will be in and out of your home in about 15 minutes  (obviously if you have say 7 bedrooms it will take a little longer!)…all the hard work will be done back in the washroom! 

Can you wash my own linen?

Due to Sheetly's processes, we only launder Sheetly linen.

Do you do gift vouchers?

 Funny you should ask! We think a Sheetly gift vouchers is the perfect gift. You may have a friend who has been unwell or a couple busy with a new baby, or perhaps for the special someone who you like having sleepovers with but boy oh boy it would be nice if they had clean sheets! Just contact us to discuss further.

What if I go away on holidays?

Lucky you! That's fine just login and go to manage subscription and skip those weeks. We do ask that if you are going to be away for more than 3 weeks, that you contact us and we will collect the linen and resume the order on your return.

Do you cater for all bed sizes?

We can supply, single, double, queen and king size beds. If you have a few different size beds get in contact and we can organise it for you.

What if I want to discontinue the service?

If, say, you’re moving overseas or decide you’re up to washing your own sheets again, you can cancel your order at any time with 48 hours’ notice via your online Sheetly Account – or simply contact us.  We will then arrange for a final collection.  Unfortunately, we will have to charge for any lost or not returned linen and towels. 

The charge amount will be equal to two times the Order fees for that booking and a $50 restocking fee.

Do you offer different coloured linen?

No, Sheetly use fresh white linen, so that it looks crisp and fresh and will go with all home decor!

What if the sheets get super messed up, no idea how, just kinda happened messed up?

Hey. Life can be a bit messy, so we’re fine with even pretty remarkable wear and tear. But indelible Texta or shark bite holes or rocket launch scorching, that might have us both looking at the fine print. 

If linen is damaged beyond repair we will charge replacement cost and our restocking fee.  $30.00 per sheet, $40.00 per doona cover, $30 per towel, $15.00 per pillow case, $15.00 per bath mat – together with a $50 restocking fee.

What is the linen like?

  Our beautiful sheets are pure cotton and are soft and breathable. Our towels are cotton as well and are soft and fluffy!  

How is the linen washed?

 All linen is laundered to a very high standard, with Ecolab technologies to maintain hygienic process whilst minimising residual harsh chemicals. 

Do you have another question?

If we could not answer your question, just send us a message and we will answer you shortly