Why Sheetly?

Sheetly is a very cool thing which, unlike kale*, will actually make your life better. 

It’s simple. We come to your house and make your bed.

Oh, and we’ll bring our gorgeous, freshly laundered sheets and comfy pillow cases and make your bed in that awesome hotel way. And we’ll come back next week to do it again. And we’ll take away and lovingly wash and iron the old ones.

* nothing against kale. Really.


Seriously - its what we do!

Most of us don’t really love stripping beds and all the palaver that goes with washing and drying sheets and remaking beds. But all of us love hopping into a freshly made bed.

So Sheetly allows you to skip A and go straight to B and ZZZZZZ

“I have plenty of time to strip the beds and wash all the sheets and get them dry and iron them and remake the beds before I pop off to work.” Said no-one. Ever.

Noticed that Time and Space are diminishing commodities? We have. It's why we invented Sheetly.

We’re a service that allows you to have our fantastic linen on your bed and in the bathroom every week or fortnight. So when you get home from a long day at the salt mines or the gym or stuck in traffic, your bed will be as fresh as a daisy.

You wont need to wash and dry and iron sheets. Ever again. You don’t have to strip sheets and pillow cases and remake beds. You wont need to even own sheets!

It Gets Better

Hard to believe, we know - but due to popular demand we can also work our bedroom magic in your bathroom.

Fluffy white towels? No problem. Bath matt, hand towels? Yes and yes.

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