Change Your Sheets

Change Your Sheets


Well how often do you do it? 

Ask some colleagues or friends and the answers vary.

Maybe not weekly. Is it fortnightly? Monthly? Are you a filth wizard or a serial stripper. (that is you have the good intention in the morning  and strip the bed but by night you are so tired you jump into a bed with no sheets at all, just sleeping on the mattress!)

Do you find excuses in your head: they take forever in the dryer, I am environmentally friendly, my clothes line is too small, I'm a busy person. 

But what is the best bit of a hotel room -Clean sheets hey!

Apart from the magical clean feeling as you slip in between the sheets there are other important reason to change the sheets, and it's a bit icky. In a very short amount of time your sheets get covered by dead skin cells, body oils, and sweat - AND some other stuff we wont go into! The 1.5 grams of skin shed by a human each day can feed 1 million dust mites - double Yyyyyicky. And thats just one person, add another and a dog and it gets worse!

So change your sheets or just call us - Thanks to Sheetly there are no excuses left.


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