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Alison Marqardt, Melbourne,VIC

I've been waiting for a service just like this.
It was so easy to organise, just love it.

Holly L. St Kilda Road,Melbourne VIC

I will never change my sheets again after using the most amazing service “Sheetly”.  The  team come in and change my sheets weekly. What a huge treat for me. 

Gab W. Docklands

One of my least favourite chores around the house - and don’t worry; I have many - is changing the bed. The Sheetly service is a brilliant idea - fresh hotel sheets in our home every week. No more washing of cumbersome queen-size sheets. No more folding. No more changing the bed. Seriously. Heaven!’

Charles Oscar

No more trudging down to Laundromat for me!

David Andrews Docklands

Phew My apartment doesn't have sheets hanging everywhere trying to dry!

Sally F. Docklands

No Changing & washing sheets again! Sheetly swept into my home and made a gorgeous bed with clean linen, I will sleep well! Thanks Sheetly

Liz R.

Thank you SHEETLY. Cant wait to get into these hotel sheets tonight. No washing or changing the bed for me :) 

Chrissy B, Monameath Ave, Canterbury 

Sheetlys been a great, time and money saver, no washing machine, or dryer ! I will never be able to go back to changing the beds again! 

Melinda M, Glen Iris

The best service ever